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Colonial Homemaker

May 14,1780

Today i started a new job,i have always wanted to do this ;i was a homemaker it was fun but it was alot of work  i was very stressed also because i did not know how to do alot of it,so i had to learn.I have i had to sow,cook,take care of my,and there and my animals.i also had to wash clothes and teach my children how to read if i knew how,also i made soaps and candles with alot of other people and also how we made it was over a fire because if i cleaned my house and then i made soap it would just make a big mess and then i would have to clean it would be a big disaster and then i would have to clean it up agian so that is why we make it over a big fire and somtimes the soap can burn you so you would have to be very careful.I also had to tend my kids if they were sick.some chores i had were seasonal.My spring job was to clean my house, in summer i dried herbs and fruit,in fall i husked cornand smoked meat,in winter i spinnied and sowed,last thing before i go i have to do these jobs alot over and over agian.Tell me what you would if you had this job and how you would feel.

Colonial leaders

Who is :Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the

founding fathers of the united states,

and he was also the first American.

His writings were famous yet reltivley

few people knew about it.He was also

a good leader because he had good

importance and worked to develop

daily habits and routines to make

him sucessful.he also had a

system that enabled him to gain more and many skill.

That is: Benjamin Franklin



Once upon a time there was a witch that loved to trick little kids.One night these little kids were getting ready for bed and they saw something outside.They screamed because they were scared so their mom came in with fake blood all over her body,she was in pain.As soon as she was about to talk,the with grabbed her and she screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHH HELP ME”.She took the mom to the graveyard and the kids were following her.The witch put their mom in grave and they told the police.he police reported that someone was missing.The next year the kids were taken by the witch.They went to the graveyard and  saw there mom. She had been covered in fake blood she was hiding there the whole YEAR.

9/11 Reflection

What i learned about 9/11 is that so many people died even good people.Firefighters went in to save people and risked there life.When the first plane crashed they thought it was just a accident, but when the second plane crashed they new it was the terrorist.When that happened they were scared and did not know what was going to happen next, because they could of crashed into a school and it would of killed a bunch of little and big kids’s.Then when that happened every thing changed because pilots were killed ,passengers ,and people in the buildings were all killed;and no one will every forget that day that every one risked there live to save people. When my mom told me about that day i was very scared and upset that happened .

Pumpkin Patch

The red shed had a lot of pumpkins.The pumpkins were all different kinds of sizes little,medium,and large.There are also some very orange.They also are also oval and round.

Life in 5th grade

I love Mrs.Owens because, she is sweet,kind,and very beautiful, and reading is also one of my favorite subjects.I also love Math,history,and science BECAUSE Mr.Mac is one of my favorite teachers because he makes me laugh some much. I also like to enhancements because it gives my body energy and it gets me strong so, does lunch I love to eat food because without my life would be so dramatic and bad especially I would die without my FRIENDS.